Community Partnership Training

CSSP has developed and delivered nationally recognized training programs in “Building Community Partnerships” and “Confident Communication.” Soldiers and staff members from the N.C. National Guard and USAR 108th IET Family Program have participated in these courses, as well as all of the US Army OneSource Regional and Community Support Coordinators (R/CSCs) across the country. Hundreds of military service providers have benefitted from CSSP training.

UNC faculty who have served as training faculty for these courses include Dr. Gary Bowen of the UNC Jordan Institute for Families, Mr. Mike Smith of the UNC School of Government and Mr. Joe Barney, a student at the UNC School of Law. These courses have been independently evaluated by faculty members from Cornell University and have consistently received very high ratings for their effectiveness and for their direct application to the work of the R/CSCs in the field. CSSP is currently adapting several of these classroom sessions for use on-line.

The CSSP/UNC training work for Army OneSource (AOS) has been evaluated in three ways: (1) Cornell University has completed participant evaluations of every session and the events as a whole, (2) each day of training has been reviewed during a daily “hot-wash” session with AOS leadership and (3) CSSP leadership has reviewed, with faculty, the perceived results of training sessions. The evaluations, especially from Cornell University, have indicated superior training and results.

You can read what Army OneSource Community Support Coordinators have said about CSSP training in our Testimonials section.