Lois Snyder, Faith Harbor United Methodist Church, Surf City, NC


"Fear, loneliness and concern are only a few of the emotions that our military and their families live with every day.  The overwhelm of juggling families and their activities along with the responsibility of maintaining their home, alone, is often more than our military spouses
can handle.

God calls on us to be his hands and feet here on earth and Operation Compassion provides the training and framework for us to do this. Operation Compassion is the program that allows us to be a support to our military and their families and to work with them to provide that very valuable piece of mind that is needed to face each day of deployments and the long work hours our military work while at home.

After having the need to support our military and to begin intentional outreach laid on our hearts, Faith Harbor United Methodist Church discovered Operation Compassion.

We began by calling Billy Spencer and asking him to speak to the UMW at a sub district meeting for the New Bern District that was held at Faith Harbor.  Needless to say, we knew that this program was an answer to our prayers and a way to begin our intentional outreach program for our military families.  After that we were trained by a team from Raleigh and then the people at that training identified the areas where we felt  we could make a difference.

The rest, as you would say, fell right into place.  God is truly the guide at Faith Harbor and He laid on our hearts what we needed to do.

This process has taken time and organization, but when one looks at who we are doing this for and how blessed we all are, we quickly realize that our time and efforts are so small but so greatly appreciated.

Faith Harbor is operating a pilot program for the summer for the military families within our church.  Much of our volunteer base leaves in the summer and by doing it this way, we have a chance to work out the quirks and issues that we need to. We have been able to train our
childcare team in First Aide/CPR, and make sure that those folks have been through the safe sanctuary training.  We are also offering yard care and minor home repairs as needed.  We chose our areas by talking to our military families and identifying what the needs were. We matched these needs with the passions and gifts of our volunteers.  In September we will be using our families to spread the word to the community and will then implement the program in a full community mode.  We have been blessed by two $500.00 grants from the District that paid for the CPR training and also provides seed money so our care teams are not having to absorb the full financial brunt of the other things we are doing.

I have been called to lead Faith Harbor in our efforts and I am awed by how much our little group is making a difference.  Our military friends are so grateful, touched and comforted to know that we are here for them and "have their backs!"

Best regards and God bless!"

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