Lieutenant General (Retired) Thomas J. Plewes, Former Chief, U.S. Army Reserve and Commander, U.S. Army Reserve Command, USA


"The problems of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury among our returning service personnel are major concerns for our society. Although the military services are paying increased attention to screening for and treating those who have these wounds, the reactions of many – particularly those in the National Guard and Reserve forces – are delayed until after they have reentered their communities.

This timely and comprehensive course brings the best of practice to the local community health care professionals who now are on the front lines in the effort to identify and treat the symptoms. North Carolina is leading the way in seeking to improve delivery of community-based services to our wounded warriors, and this course is an essential part of that effort. I highly recommend it and express my appreciation to those who have developed it and those who will use it."

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