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CSSP Tops 1500 Providers; 1100 NC Poviders on our Website

October 01, 2010

CSSP recently surpassed a very significant milestone in reaching the critical mass necessary to support the behavioral health needs of North Carolina Service members and their Families.  CSSP has enrolled over 1500 providers nationally and over 1100 providers in North Carolina in our provider database including providers in 96 of the 100 NC counties on the way toward making this a national resource.  One of CSSP’s most powerful tools in it's mission to increase access to trained behavioral health providers is the database which enables veterans and family members to find local civilian health providers who understand the challenges of deployment-related issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression, substance use disorder and suicide. To address the concern that a reservist might have a lapse in care during the deployment cycle as they switch from civilian to military health insurance, allows users to search for providers who accept patients with different types of insurance, or no insurance at all.