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CSSP Putting Finishing Touches on Two New Courses

April 15, 2011

CSSP is putting the finishing touches on two new courses with the help of the Greensboro Area Health Education Center.  The courses represent CSSP's efforts to address the behavioral health needs of Service members and their families where they first present as a means to assess, treat if possible, and refer to those best equipped to treat deployment related behavioral health issues such as PTSD, TBI and Depression among returning Service members and their families. 

Both courses have been delayed in development and release to ensure that they are fully vetted and meet the highest standards but should be available through the portal in the next few months.

Optometrists and Dentists - “Identifying Signs of Head Trauma in Military Veterans during Routine Optometry Visits” focuses on head traumas common to the military population and is designed to give Optometrists the tools to recognize the clinical signs that can identify veterans at risk for untreated head trauma.

Primary Care- "Psycho-Social Healthcare for Returning Military Service members: A Primary Care Approach" - is a course for education/training and practice improvement, focused on family physicians, with an explicit backup and referral plan to address the unmet need for mental health assessment and care among returning Service members.