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CSSP Efforts with NC Health Info Yield Tremendous Results

January 15, 2013

In 2007 with funding from CSSP, NC Health Info ( added a special collection of reliable health information focused on military-related health and mental health concerns for soldiers and their families. See: Go Local, a key component of NC Health Info was also expanded to include information about local veterans’ benefits and services, clinics, physicians, drug abuse treatment programs, mental health providers, support groups, financial assistance, and referral services.  

Go Local was part of a national initiative led by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), to provide information about local health services paired with authoritative medical information from MedlinePlus, NLM’s consumer health web site. See:

After NC Health Info added information specific to military health concerns, other states involved in the Go Local Initiative also added information on this topic to their sites. Before NLM discontinued their support for the Initiative there were approximately 34 Go Local projects.  Following NC Health Info’s lead, NLM also added a new topic on Veterans and Military Family Health to the MedlinePlus web site. See:

The latest usage statistics show that the MedlinePlus site as a whole was accessed by 52,200,000 unique visitors from July through September, 2012.